JET 3 Standard

JET 3 Standard

Targeted Spray-Scrub Technology
Fitting into spaces that other machines simply can't reach, its powerful scrubbing action frees ingrained dirt from any surface.

Targeted spray on demand. 
The solution is delivered through the powerful high pressure pump for targeted applications.

The freedom to clean anywhere.
Powered by MotorScrubberBackpack technology, JET3 lets you access all those hard-to-reach areas.

Stair cleaning made easy.
Combine JET3 and the stair brush to easily remove dirt and improve the overall hygiene of stairs and baseboards.

Powerful. The M10 motor delivers considerably high torque (10,000rpm with 360rpm gearbox) generating outstanding cleaning results.

Scrub walls up to 3m (9.8ft). JET3 is extremely lightweight weighing less than 2kg (3.3lbs), making it perfect for extended use.

Telescopic. JET3 quickly adapts to any height of the user, thanks to its integrated telescopic handle.

Rotating handle. Easily access and clean underneath objects up to 20cm (8″), using the JET3's swivel handle.

Minimal checks. Maximum power.
Targeted, on-demand Spray-Scrub technology allows the JET3 to quickly deep clean floors, walls and stairs, eliminating the need for buckets.

Additional information

Solution capacity

1 liter (0,25 gl)

Pump pressure

7,9 Bar 116 PSI

Pump flow rate

5 l/min (1,3 g/min)


799 m/hr (2621 ft/hr)

Brush pressure

5 kg = 19.7 g/cm² (11 lbs = 4.48 oz/in²)

Engine torque

11,18 g/cm1096,3 mN.m


4 hours

Charging time

up to 8 hours

Machine weight

3.8 lbs

Backpack weight

6,6 lbs

Brush speed

360 rpm

Washing width


Area covered

472 ft²/hour

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