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Reducing efforts and optimizing work times for the benefit of quality has always been our goal, guaranteeing enormous advantages for all customers who decide to trust us by purchasing our products. We also support customers in the design of tenders, in the preparation of tender specifications, in the reduction of management costs and in verifying the quality of all cleaning and sanitizing systems. This way of working has allowed us to consolidate the partnership relationship with distributors and large companies worldwide.


We guarantee an assistance and distribution network for our products in every country of the world. Our distributors are equipped with specialized mechanical workshops and means of transport able to assist the customer on site with original spare parts.


Our distributors carry out the rental service of our machines in every art of the world offering various formulas able to satisfy any type of requirement. This service (in strong growth) allows you to test the efficiency of our machines, within the pre-established times, without any commitment to purchase.


RR INTERNATIONAL offers various services in every country of the world thanks to its capillary sales network. Every year and with our support, the distributors carry out training and technical updating courses able to satisfy any customer request, operating with extreme professionalism.
Thanks to this organization and our natural propensity for research, we offer innovative and eco-sustainable solutions for professional cleaning..

Why choose us


The commitment to eco-sustainable development is in our DNA and translates into concrete initiatives involving internal and external aspects of the company, starting from the selection of raw materials, passing through the production processes up to the protection of health and well-being of people.


Modernizing the fleet by ensuring the best of technologies is possible by taking advantage of the benefits of the industry 4.0 tax credit.
The tax credit helps all companies residing in Italy who want to invest and digitize their processes, facilitating the purchase of new capital goods, equipped with 4.0 technology, by 12-31-2022.
RR INTERNATIONAL produces machine models in line with the requirements in terms of technology and interconnection and which allow access to the tax breaks provided for by the national plan.


The fundamental concepts for the design of our machines and the related safety functions are defined on the basis of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC:
• Risk analysis
• Quantitative aspect of safety functions in addition to the qualitative approach
• Study of ergonomics
RR INTERNATIONAL s.r.l. works every day to ensure the health and safety of people when using our products in every workplace.


The total quality of our machines and equipment is guaranteed by strict controls carried out internally throughout the construction phase. Each product is carefully tested and guaranteed by strict checks before packaging.

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